John to the Legend

Fy fan vad jag älskar John Legend, oouf asso hans musik hans lyrics...
läs bara asso ouuuuf får gås hud!

"Last night was the worst night
Beginning of the end
Or maybe it began
Before it here we go again
Things got so dramatic
Things got out of hand
We said words we couldn't imagine
I don't understand
There you go with the same old thing
When things go wrong you always seem to blame me
Now I would like to find what secrets hide in your mind
Where the end will go
Will I ever know"
Heaven only knows
"Make this night the best night
It's time for second chance
Turn the beat up on repeat and we can start to dance
Sometimes when we talking words
Drowned on by the sound
Let's get back to touching, we'll get back on solid ground
Let's hold hands
Like the young romance
Let's first kiss like the moment we first did
Can we make love
Like way back in the day?
We can lose control, baby don't say "no"

Damn, boy.
Yeah you feelin me, cos you are the music and I'm the lyrics.
You are the hip and I'm the hop
I'm princess peach and you are super mario
Together we are super nintendo and hiphop.
No doubt about that, I got yah and you got me.
Promise me to
never leave.
Älskar låtar som får mig att själv vilja skriva.

Texten högst upp är från:
John Legend- Heaven only knows ♥

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