Breakup with makeup

Satt vid min gamla data förut ida, SHIT va gammla bilder, msn loggar och texter jag hitta!!
OMG fick väärsta flash backarna.

Kolla den här texten, skrev den i somras, slutet av lovet.
Handlar om maaassa som hände då, ni som känner mig fattar säkert.
NI andra får gissa.

"It's nothing but a silly game
you are trapped and can't escape
Hunting for someone to "love"
When all you really need is a hug from
some one who truly cares for you
A gril that will stand by you and be there for you
@ any time.
She will be on your mind 24/7
She will make you feel like you are in heaven.
But deep inside
you know the fellas are right
 you know you don deserve any one
dadd saying : comeon, give it up son.
you know it even thoug it's hard to see.
thinking way did this happend to me?
keep the head up cuz time will get better.
Hopning next time you will behave better.
But yah still keep wishing the same thing,
every time you meat a handsome chick
she could be the one for you,
the one you will be true and faithful to
it aint easy to feel like split up in two.
Pretending that you have feelings but you don't.
trying to be a man so the other guy don't steel your show.
Seeing pretty chicks everywere, and wanna have them all.
inside dying, outside smiling
If it gets worse you will end crying.
you will sing like sean kingston.
damn all these beautfiul girls...
But holla boy, you'll cahnge the words
singing like, damn all these beautufil girls,
I only wanna do them hurt.
yea that's right and we all know wy.
But don you see?
In the end you hurt your self.
You can't carry on don letting any one help

Well I'm getting to the end of this verse
And belive me, I don know way I'm writing,
guess it is cuz I still care.
You don have to talk to me boy, I know you wont
I'm doing just fine, no need to hide.
lets just keep on forgeting
After a breakup we all gotta change our settings "


länge sen, omg...!
Texten va ju rätt bra, kul att jag spara den haha ^^


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